Founded in 2019, Mercaltos is a company specialized in the production and marketing of high quality oil throughout Europe. Our commitment to the excellence and purity of our products sets us apart in the oil industry.

At Mercaltos, we believe in the power of nature. That is why we select the best raw materials, making sure that every drop of oil we produce is pure, natural and rich in flavors. Our production methods respect the strictest standards in terms of quality and sustainability, thus guaranteeing products that are not only delicious but also respectful of the environment

Since our creation, we have been able to win the trust of many consumers throughout Europe thanks to our commitment to quality and our exceptional customer service. We are proud to contribute to healthier and tastier lifestyles, and we always strive to innovate and improve our products to meet the expectations of our customers.



Mercaltos is the narrative of pristine flavor and the perpetuation of that essence across generations. The culinary wisdom enshrined within the ancient flavors of Anatolian cuisine, alongside the pragmatic recipes of modern dining, remains rooted in purity and naturalness.

Hence, Mercaltos, acclaimed for its superior taste, assures all culinary enthusiasts the most authentic and unforgettable flavors.

Mercalto range of edible oils, manufactured by Bellac, one of the top 250 industrial enterprises, solidifies its brand commitment: "Consistent quality from the first bottle to the millionth," bolstered by technological prowess and strategic investments.

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